San Francisco 49ers Pro Bowl TE Vernon Davis joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and we asked him why he skipped OTAs and what it's going to take for him to rejoin the team.

Mohr: “Why aren’t you at OTAs?”

Davis: “Every decision I make is in the best interest of my brand. We sometimes have to make a business decision, and my decision is to workout on my own because I’m focused on building my brand and balancing everything out."

Mohr: “What’s the end game for you? What would make you happy from the San Francisco 49ers (to return to the team)?"

Davis: “Just being able to retire as a 49er. It’s my dream to retire as a 49er, and that’s the hope I have at the moment."

Mohr: “You’re the first athlete to ever answer that question. I admire you for putting your name on it. A lot of guys duck it, and you’re like ‘I want to retire a 49er, so back up the truck and pay me……Let’s get it done!!!”

Davis: “(Laughing) Hahaha you’re funny!!!”