Former NFL WR Time Brown joins Jay Mohr Sports to talk about the fights between the Raiders and Cowboys at practice in Oxnard yesterday.

Mohr: “You ever been in a fist fight during a practice or a scrimmage?”

Brown: “(Chuckles) Only when we scrimmage the Cowboys!”

Mohr: “I didn’t realize there was so much blood between the Cowboys and Raiders.”

Brown: “It’s not, it’s just training camp. They are in Oxnard, we used to be down in Austin where its 99 degrees and 99% humidity so I really can’t understand why these boys are fighting in 75 degrees but it’s good to see both teams, it’s good to see both teams have that kind of life that they care enough to get into it in practice. We always thought fighting was a good thing. Because it usually got everyone’s temperature up a little bit and from there you go onto practice and do what you got to do.” 


Photo: Getty Images