Houston Rockets PG Beverley tells Jay Mohr Sports he would love to have LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony on the Rockets.

Mohr: “Let’s say you’re on the phone with LeBron James, what would your sales pitch be for him to come to Houston? Why should he choose Houston over Chicago, the Lakers, or Heat? Ill play LeBron… sell me.”

Beverley: “You’ve got to understand, we one of the youngest, hottest teams out there. We’ve got two superstars, and a superstar in the making with Chandler (Parsons). That’s an easy question bro. We’ve got one of the best coaches and the smartest GMs in the league as well.”

Mohr: “Do you think (GM) Daryl Morey will let me play ping pong with him?”

Beverley: “If you come here, you can play anything you want with him.”

Mohr: “Will I be able to travel with all my headbands?”

Beverley: “(Laughing) Yeah, no problem, bro. Anything you want!”

Mohr: “If I play for the Rockets, will I or James (Harden) be the first option? Who’s the first, second, and third option on offense?”

Beverley: “There are no options; we’re all about getting stops.”

Mohr: “I’m number one, I want to be the star. I’m LeBron! I’m King James! I want twenty touches every trip down the floor. Can you guys do that for me?”

Beverley: “LeBron, it sounds like a different you (laughing)!”

Mohr: “I’ve changed!”

Beverley: “No, I can’t believe you’ve changed, you’re all about winning.”

Mohr: “Guess what……I’m going to sign with the Houston Rockets!!”

Beverley: “I wish it was that easy man!!”