Mariners OF Logan Morrison joins Jay Mohr Sports to talk about the Mariners season and all the crazy in-game rituals he's witnessed.

Mohr: “So you actually ask Fernando Rodney where his famous “arrow shots” land after he gets a save? What are some of his strangest responses about where the arrow lands?”

Morrison: “One time in Houston, he said up on their train (in left field) because he thought that’s what we were taking to Chicago, but I had to tell him we were actually taking a plane.”

Mohr: “Is he a crazy person on acid just shooting imaginary arrows all over the field?”

Morrison: “He does it because it gets in the other team’s head.  And it actually does work, because I’ve been on the other side of it; you don’t want to let him do it. You want to beat him so bad.”


Photo: Getty Images