Cleveland insider Kenny Roda joins Jay Mohr Sports to let you know what the real chances are that the Cavaliers land LeBron James in free agency.

Mohr: “Does Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert have to take out another ad saying he was wrong about LeBron, and tell him how happy he would be to have him back?”

Roda: “I don’t think it will be another ad, but rather in front of a TV camera where he will apologize about it publicly. I’ve been told that fences have been mended somewhat already or the Cavaliers wouldn’t have had a meeting with (his agent) Rich Paul. So there has been some in-roads made…There have been some texts recently where he talked about LeBron having a bright future and LeBron has said I don’t play for the owner, I play for the coach. But, I think the two can tolerate each other because it would mean LeBron has a chance to win more championships, and it would make Dan Gilbert some money and give him a chance to win a championship with LeBron. So, could they tolerate each other if it meant winning championships together? Absolutely!”


Photo: Getty Images