FS1 NBA Analyst & 12-year NBA vet Jimmy Jackson joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday to preview Game 4 from Miami.....and also got to chat with his biggest fan.

Mohr: “Our update anchor is Dan Beyer, and you’re his all-time favorite athlete. I’m going to fulfill his childhood dream and let him interview you. Dan has to start it off though by reading you the email that he sent to our entire crew when he heard you were coming on…..”

Beyer: “He (Jim Jackson) was my all time favorite athlete in anything. He was my idol. I had autographed jerseys, basketball cards, t-shirts....anything with JJ was mine. His time at Ohio State was the peak of my childhood sports fandom. When he got drafted by the Mavericks, I used the announcement by David Stern as our answering machine message and I even carried his picture in my wallet.“

Jackson: “Whoa, my man!! And I loved the picture you posted on twitter.”

Beyer: “You saw it!!! That was at the UW (Wisconsin) Field House in 1992 where you signed my Sports Illustrated from the article they did on the Buckeyes. The next year you signed my Scarlet and Grey illustrated when you were on the cover, and that’s where we got the picture.”

Jackson: ‘That’s awesome!!!”

Mohr: “You don’t think its creepy JJ?”

Jackson: “Not at all!!!!”