Los Angeles Lakers PG Jeremy Lin joins Jay Mohr Sports to talk about his career and the prospect of playing with Kobe Bryant.

Mohr: “Chandler Parsons of the Mavericks said on our show yesterday that James Harden’s comments about the rest of the Rockets being role players was “ridiculous”, but you said yesterday that James Harden was right. Why?”

Lin: “Well, I think Chandler was a huge part of that team and if he was still there, he still would be. I think the way it’s set up (in Houston) with Dwight (Howard) and James being the max players, those two guys were the cornerstones (of the team). Not taking anything away from Chandler, but, I think Chandler is capable of being a cornerstone. And I think that’s why Dallas makes so much sense for him because he’s going to have that opportunity to do that. I can understand both sides. I know James and Dwight are like, ‘Look Houston is being built around us’, and I think Chandler is looking for the opportunity to have a bigger role, and he can get that in Dallas. He’ll do a great job of accepting that challenge.”

Mohr: “The media forever wanted to make a meal out of you and Carmelo Anthony not getting along, and that Carmelo ran you out of New York. What is your relationship with Carmelo like?”

Lin: “I’ve never had any issues with him, and he’s never been mean to me once. We’ve always had a relationship and a friendship, and in our time in New York we never got into it or anything. From my experience, he’s never done anything harmful to me." 


Photo: Getty Images