Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith joined Jay Mohr Sports on Tuesday and we asked him about the NFL possibly incorporating a new rule for on-field use of the "N" word, which could result in a 15-yard penalty...He also said that despite the fact Jadeveon Clowney ran the same 40-time as him at the Combine, he'll never be able to catch him.

Mohr: I understand making the game safer, but now the rules committee gets together and there could be a 15 yard penalty if a player drops the "N" word on the field. How are they going to enforce this?

Smith: Yeah, I definitely have heard it before, but you hear much worse all the time. It is what it is. People are always going to talk. I think they need to focus on getting the regular plays right before we start throwing a flag for words.

Mohr: You said you ran the same 40 time as Jadeveon Clowney.....but he will never chase you down from behind, am I quoting you correctly?

Smith: Yeah man, he ran a 4.47, and my time was only a 4.43, that is crazy. I can run faster than that, but I bet you he can’t catch me.

Mohr: If Jadeveon Clowney, next year, at all, catches you from behind, will you come back on the show, so we can talk about it?

Smith: Yeah, you can promise that, the only way he can get me is on a bubble screen and takes an angle.

Mohr: No, if he catches you from behind, period???

Smith: No, no one is catching me from behind!!!!

Mohr: Nobody? So you'll come back on the show if anybody catches you from behind? I like this!

Smith: Make sure you tweet me and I can be on the next day!