UCLA Bruins LB Jordan Zumwalt joined Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday and we asked him about dropping F-bombs during his 40 yard dash at the combine and also played him the audio of the coverage from NFL Network.

Mohr: The best part of the combine was watching you run the 40 and drop about eleven f-bombs. Were you mad at your time? Did you pull something?

Zumwalt: I didn’t pull anything… I kind of stumbled on my start. I took about four steps and I stumbled a little bit. I caught myself of course, but I was really upset. I wasn’t even thinking, I was emotional. It just came out, it just happened (laughing).

Mohr: Jordan Zumwalt this is the audio of your 40 time…. You weren’t happy with that one were you?

Zumwalt: No, hey the beeps are funny man. You know how you watch movies or shows you hear the beeps. The beeps were actually me this time. That was too funny to hear.