Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday after his big win on Sunday....We touched on a variety of things...including how the piece of trash that was stuck on his car affected him down the stretch.... Jay also apologized for making a joke towards him at the Nascar Awards.

Mohr: You had something stuck to the grill of your car and I just wanted to reach through the TV and take it off. I couldn’t figure out what it was, I don’t know if you even knew it was there. Did it affect the race at all? Did you finally figure out what it was? Did you keep it?

Earnhardt Jr: It’s actually on the car right now, as we have it sitting in front of the museum at Daytona. Whenever you win the Daytona 500 they take your racecar and it sits in the museum for a year. It’s a piece of bear bond, which is a big old giant piece of tape that people use to tape their cars together after they've been in an accident. It flew off somebody’s car and and I picked it up behind the pace car and I couldn’t get it to come off the car. If anything, it helped us because we tape the grills up solid to qualify and makes the cars go faster.

Mohr: "I made a joke about you at the Nascar Awards when I was hosting, and your fans got after me pretty hard but, here was the joke I told: 'Everybody is tweeting tonight , the valet outside the hotel is tweeting, Dale Jr told me to park his car in victory lane, but his GPS can’t find it'. Now for all my listeners, you can tell me right now to kiss your ass....Just say it!!!!".

Earnhardt Jr: "(Laughing) You can kiss my ass Jay!!!"