SFA Coach Brad Underwood joined Jay Mohr Sports on Monday and we asked him if they're ready to be everyone's cinderella pick this year and if he knew what the "F" stood for in Stephen F. Austin.

Mohr: I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show this morning and they were chatting about how nobody knows what the "F" stands for in Stephen F. Austin. I know he was a pioneer and he brought many people to Texas. Austin the city is named after Stephen F. Austin. Do you know what the F is for?

Underwood: You are going to put me on the spot and you are going to make me look really bad, because I don’t.

Mohr: How about you act like you got another call, I’ll Google it and I’ll tell you and we will all act like we knew it in the first place.......It’s Fuller…Stephen Fuller Austin. And I only know that because you just texted it to me so I didn’t look foolish. I appreciate that.

Underwood: I’m so glad I learn something new every single day.