Former NFL QB Jared Lorenzen joins Jay Mohr Sports to preview his Wiffle Ball game scheduled for later today vs. Jay Mohr.

Mohr: “You and I will play (a game of wiffle ball) against each other today. If anybody that wants to see Lorenzo and I play wiffle ball, we’re going to tweet out the address. All that we ask is that you bring some canned goods, and we’re going to give it all to the Cincinnati food bank. And since you and I have been in discussion (a few months ago), we’ve already raised well over $2,000 for the food bank which feeds over 3,000 families. That’s amazing! I am proud of you buddy and thanks for helping me with this.” 

Lorenzen: “I plan on not only embarrassing you, but a lot smack talking as well.” 

Mohr: "Oh yeah, we’re going to have some smack talk. I brought a pair of shorts with me so I can switch out of my jeans and get nice and comfortable, but I might play in my boxer shorts. That’s just how much trash talk I’ll do. I’ll beat you in my knickers." 

Lorenzen: “If you show up in your boxers, you win by default.”


Mohr: “Would you be on the cover of the ESPN body issue?”

Lorenzen:  “If (Prince) Fielder got one, I can do one.”  

Mohr: “Who would win in a foot race, you or Prince Fielder?”

Lorenzen: “I got a better body than Prince.” 

Mohr: “Well I don’t know, I have never seen you naked” 

Lorenzen: “My campaign this year was to beat Jay Mohr in wiffle ball and next year it will be the ESPN body issue.” 



Photo: Getty Images