Houston Rockets and Team USA G James Harden joins Jay Mohr Sports to talk about losing Chandler Parsons and the Rocket’s chances in the upcoming season.

Mohr: “I think with the Kevin Love to Cleveland trade coming soon that the Cavs are a lock for the Eastern Conference Finals….do you agree?”

Harden: “Cleveland is going to very good with those three stars (Love, LeBron James, and Kyrie Irving).  The Bulls are very good, getting D-Rose back and adding Pau Gasol.  Miami is still good and so are the Pacers.  The East has gotten a lot better.”

Mohr: “Did I just hear you say that the Cavs would be facing the Rockets in the Finals?”

Harden: “(Laughing)………You did not hear my say that but, hopefully that’s it.”


Mohr: “You were there last week when Paul George broke his leg. As an athlete, do you think maybe I should slow down because I might get injured too?”

Harden: “I’m a professional basketball player. I go out there and just play without thinking about getting injured. That was a freak accident and doesn’t happen too much.”


Mohr: “Sound like there was a little beef going on between you and Chandler Parsons, was that the case?”

Harden: “There was no beef in the beginning. I think the media took the story and ran with it. There was no beef. I was a role guy at OKC. I’m happy for Chandler and where he’s at now. He’s in a good position and he’s going to be successful.”


Mohr: “You did a great job in your new Foot Locker commercial. Is acting something that you want to get into?”

Harden: “Foot Locker has done a great job in these spots by letting me express my personality. Hopefully after basketball I can go into acting of some sort.”

Mohr: “Have you ever actually measured your beard?”

Harden: “(Laughing)….No, that would be kind of creepy.”  


Photo: Getty Images