Clemson Tigers football HC Dabo Swinney joins Jay Mohr Sports to talk about life without Tajh Boyd and their chances in the ACC.

Mohr: "Do you don’t waste time thinking about Mr. Spurrier (after the chatter earlier in the summer)?"

Swinney: "No, I got a lot of respect for Coach Spurrier and, he has a lot of fun doing what he does. Hey, when you get beat that’s why you call it bragging rights, and he’s earned that right I guess.....We've got to get it turned the other way."

Mohr: "I got a three-year-old that’s about four-feet high and sixty pounds, and I think he’s your next defensive tackle. I got Paul Rhodes (Iowa St. head coach) calling me right now, but maybe he could be a Clemson Tiger. Maybe you’ll still be coaching then...."

Swinney: "(Laughing)...I’m going to have to see some video evidence…"

Mohr: "Oh, I got it!"

Swinney: "There are people that will lie, so I’m going to need to see some video evidence to make confirmation that he is what you say he is. A lot of people say, this kid is 6’4"  300 lbs and I get there and he’s 5’11 and 300 lbs. So I’m counting on you to be honest and I’m going to be looking for him in my youth camp when he turns seven" 


Photo: Getty Images