Los Angeles Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis joined Jay Mohr Sports on Thursday fresh off catching Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter. We asked him at what point during the game he thought it could happen and explained why, twice a week, no one talks to Kershaw...

Mohr: “How soon into the game did you think, wow, this guy is lights out?”

Ellis: “It’s pretty cliché to say, but warming up in the bullpen he was locked in. His breaking balls were really coming in nice and as the game progressed we were able to get a lead. The game wasn't in doubt anymore. You then kind of focus on pitching a little bit differently, try to get some more strikeouts, and see if we can get this thing done. But you have to give Clayton all the credit. He just dominated from the fifth inning on. I've never caught him on a night when his slider and curve were both in top form.”

Mohr: “We all know you don’t talk to a pitcher during a no hitter.... But you (as the catcher) have to go out there and talk to him at some point. Do you ever feel like you're putting a whammy on him, or do you just throw it out the window and not talk to him at all?”

Ellis: “That’s what’s great about Clayton.......Last night wasn’t any different (than normal) because you can’t talk to Clayton during any game.”

Mohr: “Really?”

Ellis: “Yeah, he’s a character actor. On his game days he turns into a super animal, and he’s so locked in and competitive. He doesn’t want any small talk during the game at all. If he’s not talking about pitching and the game plan, there’s really no need for conversation (for him). Then on the other days he is the most outgoing teammate we have. He’s a great guy to have around, but on his game day, it's his day to shine.”