After losing again Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers fell to 31-30 overall, eight full games out of first place in the NL West. They're 13-19 at Dodger Stadium, and only one team in the majors has more losses at home. Their payroll is $240 million. Manager Don Mattingly has "reached his breaking point," according to the Los Angeles Times. In describing the kind of baseball his team is playing, Mattingly used an adverb that relates to manure.

"Basically, we're [s*****] ," Mattingly said. "We're just not that good."

The problems begin, Mattingly says, with players being selfish:

Mattingly had little to say about the loss and called on his players to be accountable. "I really think you should talk to them," he said. "I'm tired of answering the questions, honestly."

Before the game, Mattingly implied some of his players were more concerned about themselves than they were about the team.

The Dodgers had a similarly rough start in 2013 before a 42-8 run shot them to the head of the line. That kind of winning spree happens once, twice, three times a century. And even though they ended the season in the NLCS, it's hard to call their season an unqualified success. The Dodgers were supposed to be better in 2014 — not the same or worse.

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