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The people behind AM 570 LA Sports take to the microphone to discuss anything and everything that is going on in the world of sports and entertainment. There is no right or wrong answer, no topic that is off limits and every opportunity for listeners to pull up a chair.


Adam Auslund

Adam Auslund is from Northern California where he experienced the rare “sports-fan-hat-trick-of-death” when all three of his teams lost the championship in the span of a year and a half back in the early 2000’s. You guessed it, the Kings (Game 6), Giants, and Panthers.

He now deals with those mental scars by taking a less serious more irreverent look at the sports world after taking a cue from his heroes that inspired him to achieve great sports talk, "The Petros and Money Show."

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Cain McCoy

As a radio nerd, tortured DC sports fan, Hip-Hop head, and Blipster (black+hipster) Cain McCoy wears many hats. I mean seriously, he's ALWAYS wearing a hat. Before Los Angeles, he was fortunate enough to be laid off from radio stations in Richmond, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The RVA native is an average athlete at best, but he's a better talker and looks to edutain you with his opinions on sports & Hip-Hop every Saturday night on 570 RAW!

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Kevin Figgers

Kevin Figgers is LA born and bred. He happened upon the halls of AM 570 in 2007 and once they found out they couldn’t get him to leave the building; they later decided to hire him.

Since then, Kevin has held a number of hats at the station, including blogger, podcast host, board op, producer, and custodian (he lost a bet one night... don’t ask).

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Sam Zia

Sam was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but held a press conference at 7 months of age, stating he was taking his talents to LA. Sam grew up sneaking into Lakers games, at the Forum, as a high schooler, hiding out in the press section. This caused Sam's love affair with radio, and lead to a 20+ year career in the industry, holding nearly every job in the business, from producer, to overnight DJ, to morning show co-host. In addition to co-hosting 570 RAW, Sam is the co-host of #TheCouch

Sam also works as a practicing psychotherapist, is an AASECT-trained clinical sex expert, and has been whipped and flogged more times than he can count, all in the name of science, and, many times, while on the air.

Sam is a mild-mannered gamer geek, Star Wars geek, and Trekkie (yes, it’s possible to love both), and sports fanatic. You can always catch him hanging out, and singing terribly at Porn Star Karaoke.

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Sean Strife

Sean Strife is a board op from South Florida who spends most of his time in the studio at LA's #1 Hit Music Station 102.7 KIIS-FM! He loves 90's rock, breakfast burritos and winning at fantasy football.

When he's not at iHeartRadio, he hosts Think & Drink Trivia and makes Uber look good. He currently lives in Northridge with his fiancée, dog and cat.

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