Jay Mohr: "If you won ten straight Pac-12 Championships and never got to the Final Four is that a great legacy? Because I don’t know! I’m not setting you up. I’m really trying to put myself in a college basketball coaches position. What do the boosters want"? 

Alford: "I think it is more than that, you got to know and understand college basketball and there is so much parody in our game. If you win eleven straight conference championships in the Pac-12, that’s a pretty good run. You’re a very successful team. We understand what UCLA is and we are doing everything we can to put teams together that have a chance to win national championships."

Mohr: "You have twins on your team, David and Travis Wear. Have you ever high fived the wrong one?"

Alford: "No, I haven’t but we have had a lot of fun with it during the year because I know it is very difficult for officials and they have called fouls on the wrong Wear at times. We've had to correct them all year. It is an honest mistake. I’ve told Dave he has to keep his hair long. The eerie thing about it is you look at their statistics and they are almost identical. So they are identical twins in a lot of different ways."