Mohr: "You're a huge Laker fan and some of the fans we've heard from today are saying they're glad the season is over. That's not something you are used to hear them saying. Are you glad the season is over?"

Flear: "I can't say I'm glad that the season is over. No matter how destitute the situation becomes, retain a glimmer of hope that somehow a miracle will get pulled out. Even last night, I was thinking 'Andrew Goudelock is going to drop acid and drop 50 on them (Spurs)... or something crazy is going to happen.'"

He added,"I always have that hope. But, it was a very dismal season. I haven't missed many Laker games in about 30 years and it was definitely the most disappointing season ever in the history of the Lakers, since I've been watching. And without a doubt probably the biggest blunder in the history of the franchise choosing Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson."

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