Kobe Bryant's still working his way back into form, shape and rhythm after nearly eight months on the shelf following surgery to repair a ruptured left Achilles tendon. But while the 35-year-old Mamba very clearly has a long way to go before he resembles the All-Star offensive performer he was before his injury, he showed during the first quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers' Tuesday matchup with the Phoenix Suns that he's still capable of taking you baseline off the bounce if you crowd him too much.

Head's up, P.J. Tucker:

Bryant bodies Tucker up, gives him a little shoulder shove to create separation, then makes his move, seals Tucker off, gets up and shows us that throwing down isn't just reserved for practice. Sure, it's only two points, but Kobe stuffing one is still a sight for sore eyes ... and after all that time away, you'd have to imagine that it felt pretty good.

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