As recently as last August, Kobe Bryant remained resistant to the draw of Twitter and Instagram for social networking and marketing purposes, preferring to limit his online presence to his very popular and self-maintained Facebook page. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has changed his tune quite a bit over these past 12 months, though, rejoining Twitter in January and becoming quite active on the service, and launched an Instagram account in April to better document his recovery from Achilles tendon surgery (and, also, sometimes, to get emotional).

Based on how well Bryant's social media expansion has gone — he's now up to more than 3.3 million followers on Twitter and nearly 1.5 million on Instagram — it seems only natural that he'd be interested in taking Vine, Twitter's six-second looped video sharing service, for a spin. (It's even less surprising considering his decision came after visiting Twitter's offices.) The only question was: What would Bryant do for his maiden Vine voyage? We knew it wasn't going to include talking cats or twerking, but beyond that, everything seemed up for grabs.

Well, late Thursday night, we found out:

So that makes Kobe the second Laker legend to take up high-diving during the summer months, right? Next time, Mamba, at least throw some kind of flip in there, or else you're never going to stop hearing about it from Kareem at the next club meeting.

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