Despite a fairly one-dimensional game that's kept him from being a very reliable full-time contributor during his seven-year NBA career, Nick Young has become something of a cult hero and fan favorite among basketball lovers of a certain stripe due to his, shall we say, unique personal style. The young fella who entered the NBA calling himself "Jordan-like" and now calls himself "Swaggy P" is an unrepentant gunner who has averaged more than 15 shots per 36 minutes for his career and has never met a wild shot he wouldn't take (and sometimes make), a hyper-athletic dude with a taste for the absurd, and someone whose driving, both on the court and on the Great Wall, sometimes leave something to be desired.

For all his flaws, though, he is unique, and compelling, and possessed of a certain brand of laid-back California cool that makes him fun to watch, to listen to ... and, for ex-Los Angeles Lakers players/current Time Warner SportsNet broadcasters James Worthy and Byron Scott, to impersonate:

I can't quite put my finger on the exact tone that Worthy and Scott hit here; I feel like I'm hearing some mid-'70s soul, a little bit of a character from "Player's Ball" and just a touch of Magic Johnson's soft Lansing lilt, but that still might be missing something. (Please feel free to share your perspective in the comments.)

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