After Kobe Bryant underwent surgery to repair a torn left Achilles tendon back in April, he shared a photo of his leg on Instagram that was taken in the middle of the surgery. The image features medical professionals in scrubs wielding scalpels and syringes working on Bryant's leg, which is carved from just below his calf to just above his heel, exposing a bunch of deep red gore and internal leg meat to the lens. It is pretty gross, which is why we didn't share it at the time; if, after reading that description, you feel like you want to check it out, have at it.

Three months later, the Los Angeles Lakers megastar is not only up, walking about and feverishly pursuing a return to the court, but also claiming to have "shattered" the recovery timetable for Achilles injuries even as he rockets (sorry, bad choice of words) toward his 35th birthday. As he rehabs, goes on promotional trips, shakes hands and keeps eyeing an Opening Night return, he's rolling around in public in shorts and low-tops, giving us all a look-see at how that wound's healing up:

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTO! Like we said, it's pretty gnarly.

Yiiiiiiiiiiikes. Maybe that's what made that dude cry. Perhaps you should think about investing in a leg sleeve this season, Bean.

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