We’re not here to touch on Mike D’Antoni’s validity as an NBA coach, or to break down his overall work with the Los Angeles Lakers team he’s charged with leading. That’s best left for when D’Antoni either leads the Lakers to a championship, or when he and the team decide to part ways.

What we are here to relay is the fact that Mike D’Antoni has lost the support of one of the Lakers’ most ardent fans, Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist Flea. The four string-slapper has been a fixture at Laker games dating back to the 1980s, he was even prominently featured as the go-to “look at this weird Lakers fan” guy during the Chicago Bulls’ 1991 championship retrospective, and he’s recently been featured in these pages while complaining about not getting special treatment in certain visiting NBA arenas.

Now, he’s complaining about his Lakers. His poor, 13-15, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash-less Lakers. Here’s his Christmas Eve gift to his nearly one million followers:

We’ve taken issue with D’Antoni before, and we’ve also taken issue with the Lakers’ hiring of D’Antoni over Phil Jackson – both the hire itself, and the actual execution. To his credit, though, D’Antoni has done well to create a 13-15 start out of a team that has played Kobe Bryant only 177 subpar minutes so far this season. The Lakers have been without Nash for most of the season, he’s played terribly when he was on the court, and they’ve dealt with crippling injuries to point guards Jordan Farmar and Steve Blake. Blake and Farmar may not seem like needle-movers, but when you have to rely on score-first swingman Xavier Henry to bring the ball up court as a result of their absence, those guys matter.

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