It might as well read as follows: Sources report Dwight Howard believes he’s special. More special, in fact, than every other player in the NBA.

That’s really been the gist of every nugget of news that’s broken about the free agent center for the past year, as he’s morphed from a happy-go-lucky, elite talent into the cancer of the league. The latest dispatch from the Dwightmare, reported on Monday by’s Dave McMenamin, is just the next logical step in the saga: Howard, according to sources, met with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak several times after his exit interview, and in those sessions he voiced displeasure with coach Mike D’Antoni and his deference to Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash as team leaders.

Let the worrying escalate and the speculation build. Howard is going to demand D’Antoni be ousted. Howard is going to leave Los Angeles if he doesn’t get a new coach. Howard is going to … 

But wait. 

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