Andy and Mike were joined again by NBA on TNT Analyst and 2-Time Champ, Kenny "The Jet" Smith this morning. Kenny talked about hiring coaches with very little experience following their playing days and says he too has been offered jobs to get back in the league.

Kenny Smith: "Sports is the only profession, where your tenure doesn't count as a player... I just don't understand why in sports people think like that... (For me) There's been knocks on the door. I just looked through the peephole and didn't like who I saw on the other side (laughs)... Like I say, if they moved you into a different department and they said 'Well you're gonna help direct the shows and produce some of the shows in a different way.', you'd be like 'Okay, I've been here - damn, 15 years. I know how to do that.' It would take you a little bit of a grace period to kind of transition... But in terms of knowing what's needed, it's just knowing how to do it after that."