The FOX Sports 1 MLB Insider tells Daybreak, that he likes what the Rays and Red Sox did yesterday.

Jon Paul Morosi: "I give (the Rays) a lot of credit. It takes incredible courage to do this. I do believe it was the right move for their franchise. Their chances of making the playoffs this year are not very good. And Drew Smyly is a very good young, left handed Pitcher who I think will do a more than adequate job of replacing David Price... I think Smyly's got a chance to be an All-Star at some point in time - very soon in fact, and the rest of that package was very good... I understand maybe to some people it looks like they're punting on the season... Realistically it was going to be very hard for them to win the division, so I actually have no trouble at all with them making this move."


Photo: Getty Images