Andy and Mike caught up with Duke Associate Head Basketball Coach and former Guard, Steve Wojciechowski this morning. Woj talked about this year's surging Blue Devils squad and also his days as one of the more popular players under Coach K.

Mike North: "Wojo, people forget, he could play! They were players before they were Coaches!"

Steve Wojciechowski: "Haha! Legends in our own minds!"

North: Honest to God... 6 to 8 inches taller Wojo, have you ever said to yourself what might have been?"

Wojciechowski: "Yeah I think about being taller everyday... Don't bring up those wounds (Laughs)."

Andy Furman: "Hey Woj, do you still run a little bit in practice?"

Wojciechowski: "I still get out there a little bit. I like to talk a little trash to the guys and every once in a while I pull out the gym shoes and try and show them what's up."