Andy and Mike caught up with Actor and friend of the show, John C. McGinley this morning. John talked about the season finale of his show "Ground Floor" and also weighed in on the Dodgers contract extension of Pitcher, Clayton Kershaw

C. McGinley: "I don't think you can call him the most over-paid athlete in sports, especially when you've got that opt-out after 5 years. I mean 2 Cy Young's in 3 years. If you're gonna pay anybody, you pay that guy... I think it's a win-win for Kershaw and for the Dodgers." 

Andy Furman: "But how do the Dodgers sign a deal by letting him opt out after 5 years on this contract?"

John C. McGinley: "Because you scratch his back a little bit, just to bring him in... He's not gonna leave. Look, where you gonna play - you gonna play in New York or Los Angeles? That's where you're gonna play. You gonna play for the Dodgers or the Yankees? And he's not going to the Bronx... He's gonna stay out here. He'll be here for 7 years."