Andy and Mike caught up with former 7-Time NBA All Star and NBA TV Analyst, Grant Hill this morning. Grant talked about Lebron's place in NBA history and also his own return from a series of career threatening injuries.

Grant Hill: "It was certainly a tough road to go but I was able to fight to get back and resume my career, and really get a lot of joy and pleasure out of playing the last 9 years after the whole ordeal with my ankle... Certainly if you look at what you envision as your career and where it goes, it didn't happen the way I had always dreamed it would... But life doesn't always go the way you planned on it and certainly you get obstacles and things in the way, but you just try to make the most of it and certainly I'm proud of my career and proud that I didn't give up... I'm proud I kept going and continued to play and made it to 40 years old! That doesn't happen too often in the NBA."