Andy and Mike talked with Golfweek Senior Writer, David Dusek this morning. David talked about Tiger's injury that has forced him out of the Masters and says it's very similar to the one suffered by Patriots Tight End, Rob Gronkowski.

David Dusek: "We don't have a definitive time on this but it sounds like from what every medical expert is saying - this is 3 to 4 months that he's gonna be on the sideline... It sounds like it's also very similar to what Rob Gronkowski had done surgically last summer. He was able to come back atleast from that problem... Everybody says that you can return 100%. Now if we project this out, say that he had the surgery on Monday, that means that obviously the Masters is out and most likely then, Tiger will be a big question mark for the U.S. Open which goes back to Pinehurst."