Andy and Mike caught up with FOX Sports Radio NFL & College Scout, Chris Landry this morning. Chris talked about the Divisional playoff weekend and also, the issue of Assistant Coaches on playoff teams, interviewing for Head Coaching jobs elsewhere at the same time.

Chris Landry: "I remember Joe Gibbs wouldn't allow any of his guys because one time, he felt it had an effect in their playoffs... The reason why it's sometimes more difficult to get a job the further you win, because you gotta wait that much longer... And certain teams that are in the search for a Coach, are afraid to continue to wait, and wait, and wait - because what if you don't get the guy? Then you really are on the short end of the stick, because putting your staff's together, become difficult... But it's a fair point, because you worry about it being a distraction. And anytime in a routine oriented business, you don't want guys in any way to be distracted."