The Golfweek Senior Writer tells Daybreak why yesterday's final round at the PGA Championship was so exciting.

David Dusek: "The course was playing more challenging during the practice rounds - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, when it was sunny and didn't have rain showers... When you put that much water on a Golf Course there are a couple of things that happen. Number 1) Obviously as you saw yesterday, the ball stops dead in the fairway and it stops dead on the greens. You can stop it, you can back it up. And what that does is not only do you get to aim more precisely and the ball stops and it doesn't roll away. It makes the fairways play wider because the big hitters like Rory (McIlroy), and (Phil) Mickelson, and (Rickie) Fowler, and (Henrik) Stenson, and Ernie Els who shot 65 yesterday... (They) have a tremendous advantage." 


Photo: Getty Images